Saturday, January 14, 2012

Setbacks are for humans.

OK, so I've been a slacker in the worlds of both blogging and working out. No excuses here: I guiltily succumbed to the convenience of fried road foods on my frequent out-of-towners, followed by the oh-so-happy holidays and their cookie-centric festivities. When it was all said and done, my pants did not fit comfortably. Oh. Hell. No. I had gained nearly ten pounds. TEN POUNDS! This was not OK.

I felt intense guilt and shame for having undone ten pounds of hard work. I vowed not to gain another pound and to whip my jiggly butt into shape. And then, I got sick. It was just a bad cold but I had zero energy and couldn't breathe out of my face, so exercising was not an option. By the time I was able to function without a box of tissues attached to my hip, the new year was upon us. Which leads me quite wordily to my point: I'm starting over amongst the herds of Resolution Makers. There, I said it.

Now as I've stated previously, I'm a planner. I like charts, data, tracking progress... but my spreadsheets felt so 1985. I remembered hearing about an iPhone app called Lose It! (they have a website too). It allows me to track what I eat, when I work out, and how much I weigh. It honestly reminds me a lot of the online Weight Watchers program I did about 6 years ago, except it's FREE! It's also convenient because with the app I can do everything directly from my phone. I've been using Lose It! for a little over a week and it's been interesting learning which foods leave me ravenous and which keep me full. I actually look forward to working out because when I tell the app how many calories I burned, it adjusts my daily calorie total (which usually means I can eat a little bit more that day and still be on target).

Another of my favorite features is that you can "create" your own recipes. I don't eat out very frequently and it seems most weight loss sites/calorie counters only calculate nutrition info for the big box restaurants & pre-packaged foods. With Lose It! I can input all of the ingredients in a recipe and it will break down the calories per serving and allow me to save it to my "recipe box". This is great if you have certain recipes you make often because you don't have to input the ingredients each time.

This app is just one of the many exciting weight loss tools I am exploring. I've found that I am better motivated when I have a new "toy" to play with! So far I have lost three of those newly added pounds and I can't wait to shed the rest.

What motivates you? Did you receive any fitness "toys" this holiday season?

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