Saturday, February 4, 2012

Running for Sherry and "Beefing" up

I would like to take a moment to mention a very special run that I neglected to list among my 2012 goals. My reasoning being that this run takes place one week from today, on Saturday, February 11th 2012 (11am EST), and there is no specified location, distance or time to beat. It is a virtual run in memory of a woman named Sherry Arnold. I was alerted to the the event via this twitter post from Runner's World. On January 7th, Sherry left her home for an early morning run. She never made it home. You can read Sherry's entire story here. It is moving, to say the least. The virtual run is a beautiful tribute to Sherry's memory and a great reason to get moving on a Saturday morning. I hope you'll join me!

In other news, recently I had been noticing an overwhelming feeling of nausea after my runs. It seems to have subsided as of late and I think I may have found some solutions. I am one of those people who cannot eat anywhere near the time I workout, so I had been running on a virtually empty stomach. Then post-run I was drinking an almond milk protein shake and heading to bed an hour or 2 later. I have found that rearranging my meals and drinking my protein shake about 30 minutes before running has not upset my stomach. Then I follow my run with a larger meal that includes protein and carbs. This seems to have done the trick and I'm so relieved.

I also had my annual lady-doc appointment last week and they determined via blood test that my iron levels are too low and I am anemic. We agreed that this stems largely from the fact that I haven't eaten beef in over 2 years. My doctor literally told me to "eat a steak"... how often does that happen?! The reason I stopped eating beef in the first place was because I noticed I would get stomach cramps when I did eat it. Then I saw Food Inc. and was horrified that companies "rinse" ground beef in ammonia to kill e.coli bacteria before it arrives on consumers' plates. That was enough for me!!

I have not eaten beef since then... until this week. My coworkers joined me out to lunch for the ending of my beef-eating moratorium. They even took an awkward photo of me with burger in hand. Yay coworkers! I'm still not much of a beef person. My doctor recommends I eat red meat at least once a week until I get my iron levels up. I also have iron pills that I have thus-far avoided taking. I should probably get on that, though. 

Is anyone out there anemic? Do you supplement your diet in any way other than eating red meat?

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