Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shredding and Goal-Setting

Hello, my name is bang and I have AADD - aerobic attention deficit disorder! I blame the Sagittarius in me for my wandering mind and fitness commitment-phobia. I literally do a different workout every single day because routine bores the bananas out of me. I am finding myself dreading my treadmill runs because I'm sick of staring at the same wall day in and day out. I have tried watching TV which is OK in small doses but I find that I draw most of my energy from the music I listen to while running (more on that in a later post). The reason I have avoided running outside is because of the plantar fasciitis I developed in my right foot while working retail. It has healed a great deal since I left that job but I still have occasional pain in the mornings and when I workout too hard. Despite my foot, my boredom has propelled me to join a running club via I have yet to attend a session but intend to do so after my upcoming business trip.

In the meantime, I have rediscovered Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. I remember the very first time I tried the Shred back in 2009. I nearly puked halfway through and was overjoyed when my phone rang, relieving me from the second half of the workout. Today I completed Day 2 of 30 (Level 1) and what a difference since that day in 2009! While the workout was nowhere near "easy", it certainly wasn't as horrible as I'd remembered. I even managed to do the exact same workout two days in a row... and boy, do I feel it. I'm pretty sure it's going to hurt to squat tomorrow! It is not my intention to complete the program in 30 consecutive days. I will listen to my body (and mind!) and switch things up if/when necessary. But I'm thrilled to have this extra element in my lineup. I have also discovered that there is a community center very close to my house that offers Zumba and Kickboxing classes. Both have been added to my to-do list.

And finally, I have some concrete goals I'd like to put in writing:
  • March 19th: Be able to run 1.5 miles non-stop. (A requirement of a fitness assessment I'll be participating in for work.)
  • June 9th: Komen Race For the Cure 5K
  • October 27th: Color Run 5K
  • November 22nd: Ridgewood Turkey Trot 8K

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  1. yay Bang! I just wanted to say that :) I CANNOT wait for the color run!!