Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let's talk about goals, baby!

Let's talk about fitness goals: my track-record with setting them has been mediocre at best. I am the quintessential Sagittarius, a restless soul reveling in freedom. I can be intensely focused on and passionate about something, only to be seduced by the winds of change whispering devilishly in my ear. As a result, my goals tend to be very vague and far-reaching. I am however a firm believer that once a goal is written down, or in my case published on the internet for all to see, it holds one accountable for their actions.

Tonight I have two very specific running goals to add to my list. Now, I'm not sure I should be adding to my list before I've even had the chance to cross anything off of it but both of these endeavors do involve the distant future. Admittedly one of these ideas was developed on a whim but because it is something that will take many years to accomplish and encompasses several of my other goals, I believe it's a winner. My second objective has a very special meaning to me and again is something to work toward down the line.

And so we have #1 - Run 50 Races in 50 States By Age 50. This goal was inspired by Chrisy, who is currently striving to complete 50 triathlons in 50 states before age 50. Realistically I am not a triathlete and therefore have modified my goal to encompass all races (with a 5k minimum). This means that several of the races I plan to run in the next 12 months will qualify toward my total! I've already got plans to create some sort of US map to chart my progress as I conquer the country. The reason I adore this goal so much is because it gives me a reason to travel, which is most certainly food for a restless soul. It also sets me up for a healthy future lifestyle. As of today I have 19 years to complete this goal (wanna know how old I am? you do the math). I have no idea where my life will take me over the next 19 years but that is a lot of time to accomplish a lot of things. Do you think you can meet the 50 in 50 by 50 challenge? Let's take this country by storm!

Next up, #2 - Complete the NYC Marathon.This is a more personal goal for me. The year that I was born, my father ran the New York City Marathon. His finish line picture hangs proudly in his office as a reminder of his success. As a child I viewed my father the way most children do, as if he were an invincible superhero. I wanted to be just like him when I grew up. Through the years much of that admiration has been replaced with the reality that he is a simple man who has worked extremely hard to make a comfortable life for himself and family. Still every time I view that marathon photo, I can't help but see it through the awestruck eyes of a child. My goal is to one day run the New York City Marathon and have my own photo finish hung upon the wall beside his.

What goals have you set for yourself lately? What has been your biggest fitness accomplishment to date?


  1. I like your goals! You can do it!!!! How do you get the @runbangrun on your pictures?

  2. I use my photo editing program and the text tool. If you need help, let me know!

  3. what a GREAT idea!!! Good luck! You can do it.

    This comment is all late and wrong. Now you know I was creepin on your bloggggg :)

  4. LOL Julie, thanks for the encouragement and for commenting!!