Sunday, March 18, 2012

March comes in like a lion... and makes itself at home.

This morning was a blast! My friend Melanie and I decided to take advantage of the warmer temperatures and go for a walk around the lake. I laughed so hard when she sent me a text asking if we were going to walk "together" or if she should bring her iPod. My friends tell me I "walk like a New Yorker". Hello, I may live in the South now but my DNA is still 100% New York. My feet know only one speed and apparently it is faster than the norm.

I did a 3 mile run yesterday and was fully intending to just walk the 3 miles around the lake this morning and give my feet a break. Somewhere around mile 1, my feet decided they had a different agenda and I ended up doing some running too. I was glad I did because after our workout we ended the morning with the 3 B's: burgers, beer and basketball - it's March Madness after all. Not a typical post-workout meal but definitely a good time!

March Madness is a term often used in connection with the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament. While I'm an avid fan of college hoops, this year "March madness" has new meaning for me and my increasingly-busy life. This month has officially kicked off quite possibly the busiest span of 3 months I've ever experienced. Most of it is work-related, as I have been and will continue to be traveling quite a bit until the summer.

I am also participating in a 3-week "orientation" program AND studying for an important certification exam. To give you an example of what I mean by busy, I will be traveling out to Nevada for the exam. I return from Nevada on a Thursday night (at midnight) and less than 12 hours later will be in a car driving up to NY for a cousin's wedding. Ahhhh!!

In glancing at my agenda for April I realized there are only 7 days in the entire month where I will actually be sitting at my office desk. Seven!! And yet, last night I decided that April wasn't busy enough and I officially registered for a local 5K. It's a non-competitive race with no awards or medals and seems pretty low-key. I figure it's a good opportunity for me to get my feet wet in the racing world (which, until recently, seemed like an alien planet to me). The date of the race should coincide pretty well with the end of my C25K training and it feels good to have an actual event to work toward.

I am also anxiously awaiting registration for the Dirty Girl Mud Run. A good friend of mine lives up in Wisconsin and we are due for a rendezvous. She is one of the only people I know who will happily run through mud and obstacles with me while wearing obnoxious outfits. I can't wait! The race involves more than just running in mud - there are walls to climb, fires to leap over and other random obstacles along the way. Who do I think I am?! I honestly have no clue.

Luckily that race is not until August, so I have plenty of time to train. I am definitely not in any shape to be doing all that stuff yet, which is why I was so excited when a coworker of mine offered to lend me his P90X dvds! I'm a little nervous to try P90X because I have heard that it's extremely tough, even for people in outstanding shape. I haven't started the workouts yet because I'm waiting on my shipment of resistance bands from Amazon, but the other night I watched one of the dvds to see what I was getting myself into. Holy crap! I think I broke a sweat just watching those badasses perform their reps.

I am not expecting any miracles from the program but I definitely think it will fill a void for me as far as weight training. I have been concentrating so much on running and have noticed great changes in my legs but my upper body is still very weak by comparison. My one fear is that I will be so tired from and overwhelmed by the P90X that I will not keep up with my running and will lose all of the progress I've made recently. Ultimately I will not know until I try it and so try it I will. If it doesn't work out as expected, I can always modify things so that they make more sense for ME. That is a huge lesson that applies to more than just working out and I am still pushing myself to fully grasp it.

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  1. Blog High Five!! :) let me know how it goes with the P90X. I've heard it's killer! Go Bang Go!