Saturday, March 10, 2012

Progress: I'm making it.

This morning I fully intended to sleep in until 8:30am but the sun had other plans for me. I've been up since 7am and refuse to leave my bed out of protest so I figure it's as good a time as any for a check-in!

Two weeks ago I came down with an awful cold and spent a good amount of time in bed. I was hesitant to weigh in that Friday because I knew any possible loss was a result of my illness and not my effort. I didn't want to see a lower number on that scale only to have the numbers jump back up a week later, when I started feeling better and eating properly. Ultimately I decided that I would be consistent and weigh myself anyway but make a conscious effort not to be affected by the numbers on the scale. Of course that's easier said than done and I couldn't help feeling a bit smug when I weighed in and found I'd lost 3 pounds along with my appetite. Worse yet it was a number that ended in "9", meaning I'd broken through a 10-pound barrier. I knew I had an uphill battle before me.

After spending so much time in bed I was craving some fresh air and sunshine. I ran outside for the first time in my adult life and completely fell in love with it. I had thought I was immune to the "runner's high" when I was slugging along on the treadmill but it was waiting for me just past those four walls. I've been running outside consistently now for the past week and I swear I can feel and see a difference in the strength of my legs. It's incredible. I've also been making a very conscious effort to discipline my diet and my mind. As much as I despise calorie-counting, it's something I must do until I can get my portion distortion in check.

Anyway, back to the scale. Yesterday was my first weigh-day since the 3-pound sick-week loss. I was soooo anxious stepping on that scale but I did it. With one eye open I peeked at the numbers and... huh? what was this?! I blinked my eyes in disbelief. Not only had I managed to maintain that 3-pound loss, I lost an additional .2 pounds! Shut up! Funny enough, when I first saw the number I didn't even notice the .2 pound difference and thought my scale had selectively remembered my weight of the previous week. It was only when I went to input my weight on my progress chart that I realized what a huge accomplishment that .2 pounds was. That tiny number in itself doesn't mean a whole lot in the long run but the fact that I not only kept off those original 3 pounds PLUS lost anything additional at all? That's huge to me. Perhaps victory is sweeter than cupcakes after all.

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