Sunday, April 8, 2012

Flex your willpower and run for your life!

Happy Easter, y'all! I should be packing right now but let's be realistic, shall we?! I will be throwing stuff in a suitcase as I run out the door. I've got another business trip this week, my third and final visit to what has seemingly become my second home over the past few months. Yep, my hotel home with the best elliptical machine ever and that cookie-centric table-of-deliciousness. I will be packing some protein bars and fruit to snack on but as usual I'm nervous about dining out all week. As I've mentioned before I rarely dine out in my daily life so when presented with the opportunity, my inner fat girl screams "EAT ALL OF THE THINGS!!" while my current self eye-rolls into oblivion. These are my internal struggles.

A quick update on my Zumba endeavors... I went back to class on Tuesday armed with an arsenal of tricks to prevent my plantar fasciitis from crippling me again. I used my new Zumba shoes but added my amazing Spenco insoles, secured my arches with arch bandages, took my intensity level down about 50%, and spent extra time after class stretching my calves. I'm not sure if it was one or all of those steps that helped but I woke up the next day with absolutely no PF problems - success!

On the running front, I am still working tirelessly at being able to run a 5K without having to walk any of it. It looks like this goal won't be accomplished by next week's Girls On The Run 5K but I'm alright with that, as it's something I signed up for on a whim and haven't really been "training" for. I've had some huge epiphanies regarding my running lately.

On Friday I was lucky enough to have the day off from work. It was a gorgeous spring day and I went for a late afternoon run. Along the way I encountered one of those temporary radar speed signs that neighborhood's use to reduce speeding. I never thought those signs would register anything other than a motor vehicle or some other fast-moving object but as I approached, the sign began flashing between 6 MPH and 7 MPH. A quick glance over my shoulder told me there was no one else around and I realized it was actually registering my run. Holy cool, batman!
When I got home I was incredibly curious to know how 6-7MPH translated in terms of pace. I googled MPH to pace conversion and discovered that at the time I passed the radar sign, I was running somewhere between an 8:34-10:00/mile pace. Uh, what?! That is waaay fast for this girl who rarely goes above 5.5MPH on the treadmill. No wonder I feel like I'm going to die on some of my run intervals. It got me thinking... maybe the reason why I'm still unable to run a long distance without having to take walk breaks is because I am pushing myself too hard.

I realized that on my run intervals I have practically been sprinting (for me). The reason I always have to stop and walk has nothing to do with how my legs feel and everything to do with the fact that I can't breathe. That can't be a good thing. So this morning I decided to do things a little differently. After my warmup walk, I started out at what felt like a jog. I ran past the speed sign again, which registered be somewhere between 5-6MPH this time (10:00-12:00/mile) and realized... I've never even run this far before without having to walk.

I ran past the tennis courts and past the nice man who stepped aside to let me pass him. I kept running until I encountered a car backing down their driveway and decided to take a break, lest I get run over. Today I ran almost an entire mile before I needed a break, and even then my breaks were fewer and further between. I think I may have discovered something here! By the time I made it back home I felt great and even though I'd run slower than usual I wasn't too terribly far off my previous paces but I sure felt better. My breathing was definitely more even and I made a point to check my heart rate more often.

I think all of these realizations will help my running tremendously. I will continue to make a conscious effort to slow myself down and push myself further. Unfortunately today was my last outdoor run until Friday. It sucks to spend the last week before a race on the treadmill but it is what it is. Oh and speaking of the race... we can now add tutu-making to my list of skills and abilities! Yep, I will be wearing a most poofy and sparkly tutu on race day and I created it with my own two hands. Super excited!! I hope to have pics next weekend. Have a great week, everybody!!


  1. Good job Bang!! So does this mean your signing up for the 1/2 marathon?

  2. Can I please run a full 5K without dying before you try and kill me with 13.1 miles?!