Thursday, May 31, 2012

Foodie Penpals - May Edition

The Lean Green Bean

Hi everybody! I know it's been way too long since my last blog post and I apologize. After 2 weeks on the road (including 4 nights in a row spent in 4 different states), I'm home! I seriously have never been so happy to be in one place. The day before I left on my whirlwind trip, I received a special delivery - my May foodie penpal box from Kelly! She knew I would be traveling and sent some delicious airplane-friendly snacks my way. I immediately packed away the freeze-dried apples (yum!!), raspberry fruit bites & strawberry fruit strip - three of my favorite fruits/flavors. I also snuck the almond pocky into my carry-on bag for a sweet mid-flight treat. For the record, almond pocky is superior to all other pocky!!

Sadly I didn't have room for much else in my suitcase (likely due to the 8 pairs of shoes I brought with me), so the rest of the goodies stayed home. Since I just returned a couple of days ago I have yet to try the rest but don't worry, I will get on that right away ha! Also in my package was squeezable applesauce which is totally going in my office snack drawer, and orange cranberry quinoa cereal - I am so intrigued by this! I had mentioned to Kelly that I love spicy food and since she works in Chinatown she sent me some awesome goodies from the neighborhood. A jar of sambal oelek (yesss I can't wait to use this), some delicious-looking tamarind & chili powder candy (seriously cannot wait to try this), and some ramen noodle crackers!

I seriously can't believe all of the amazing stuff Kelly managed to get in to that box and I am sooo grateful for all of my goodies! I should mention that in addition to my edible treats, I also received a handwritten note from Kelly and... an adorable picture of her new baby boy, with a message for me! If it is possible to simultaneously laugh my ass off and melt from cute baby mushiness at the same time, that's exactly what I did. THANK YOU Kelly, for being such an amazing and thoughtful penpal!!

Aaaand I sent some treats to my fabulous penpal Whitney, who I was so excited to find as my penpal because I follow her on twitter!! She was kind enough to write a guest post about the goodies she received:

May was my second month participating in the fabulous Foodie Pen Pals program. I was thrilled to learn I had been paired with one of my Twitter peeps -- @runbangrun! We had recently begun chatting, and it was a nice surprise to be paired with someone that I "know". As someone who is trying to live healthy--while indulging--I would say that Bang took great care of me!

Walking up three flights of stairs, I was excited to see the package waiting on my doorstep. I quickly tore into it and discovered great treats--some of which I have tried, and some that were new to me. I immediately grabbed the jar of apple butter and popped the lid to have a taste. I recognized the label on the jar, and realized my package had come from NC, my home state! What a nice surprise! My next grab was the homemade trail mix... my goodness, it was delicious! Bang even provided the nutritional info so I could calculate my Weight Watchers points. How sweet!

Bang knew I wanted snacks that would be easy to take to work, and she delivered plenty of snacks to do the job. The almond crackers were tasty; I always look at them at the grocery store, but resist the urge to buy them. The ranch flavor was salty, tangy, and very satisfying. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend stole those... The dried apples and granola are perfect additions to my breakfast routine, and the chocolate bandaids--"for life's boo boos"--were perfect portions of chocolate to numb my sweet tooth.

All the goodies were delicious, but only one made me crack up. As someone who follows me on Twitter, Bang knows that I work with a lot of nerds, who I tweet about constantly. Buried deep in the box was a bright package of Nerds candy! Not only did I get a great selection of new snacks, I got a big laugh and a hand-written note: two great additions to any Foodie Pen Pal package.
Thanks for the great and thoughtful selection, Bang! And thank you for hosting my entry. You are a sweetheart!

You are most welcome Whitney and thank YOU for the kind words and for taking the time to write a guest post!! 

- - - - -
And now it's time for some details about Foodie Penpals.  Here’s some info on what the program is all about:
-On the 5th of every month, you will receive your penpal pairing via email. It will be your responsibility to contact your penpal and get their mailing address and any other information you might need like allergies or dietary restrictions.

-You will have until the 15th of the month to put your box of goodies in the mail. On the last day of the month, you will post about the goodies you received from your penpal!
-The boxes are to be filled with fun foodie things, local food items or even homemade treats! The spending limit is $15. The box must also include something written. This can be anything from a note explaining what’s in the box, to a fun recipe…use your imagination!

-You are responsible for figuring out the best way to ship your items depending on their size and how fragile they are. (Don’t forget about flat rate boxes!)

-Foodie Penpals is open to blog readers as well as bloggers. If you’re a reader and you get paired with a blogger, you are to write a short guest post for your penpal to post on their blog about what you received. If two readers are paired together, neither needs to worry about writing a post for that month. 

-Foodie Penpals is open to US & Canadian residents.  Please note, Canadian Residents will be paired with other Canadians only. We've determined things might get too slow and backed up if we're trying to send foods through customs across the border from US to Canada and vice versa.
 If you’re interested in participating for June, please CLICK HERE to fill out the participation form and read the terms and conditions.

*If you're from somewhere besides the US, Canada or Europe and want to participate, send Lindsay an email and she'll see if there's enough interest this month!


  1. Yum! Looks like you got some great treats! I think I am going to have to sign up for this - looks super fun!

    Missie @

  2. Hi Missie, thanks for commenting (& thanks for leaving your blog url, I love checking out new blogs)!! Foodie Penpals really is such a fun program. I have gotten so lucky the two months I've participated - I have "met" some amazing ladies and received some really thoughtful treats!