Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A little bit of luck and a lot of hard work

Hey guys! I am so excited about this blog post. Back in September I participated in a #Runchat giveaway to win a personalized race training plan from Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running. Jason is a USATF-certified running coach and can run a full marathon faster than I ran my half!! He works with runners of all skill levels to create customized training plans and help them achieve their running goals. I was so fortunate to be the lucky winner of a personalized PR Race Plan!

Jason contacted me immediately and asked me to fill out a very thorough questionnaire about my running history, current workouts and future goals. At the time I had not yet completed my first half-marathon but had already registered for my second! I knew that I wanted my training plan to focus on that second race. After a few emails back and forth we decided to wait on creating my plan until after I completed my first half-marathon, in order to have a point of reference for my new goals. After completing my half and a couple of smaller races, I returned my updated questionnaire to Jason. Less than a week later he emailed me my personalized plan. I am so excited about it!!!

My over-zealous self managed to sign up for two spring half-marathons within six weeks of each other and Jason was able to incorporate both races in to my training plan. I had two goals in mind for my training: 1) to become a stronger, faster, more well-rounded runner; and 2) to rely less on the Galloway run/walk method, especially for shorter distances like the 5k. Again, Jason took both of these goals in to account and designed my plan with both in mind. In addition to planning my run workouts and weekly mileage Jason took great care to address things such as warmup/cool down routines, core workouts, and cross-training. He even linked me to several instructional videos! I am just so impressed by my entire experience so far.

Since my races are not until the spring, my formal training won't begin until early January but Jason suggested I work on certain things in the meantime. I have been extremely inspired lately by the goal-setting and training logs being posted by my fellow bloggers. I have decided to be equally as transparent about my own training and one of my goals is to blog here on a more regular basis. I am currently working on filling my 2013 agenda book with my training plan and I intend to pencil in scheduled blogging time as well. I can't wait to let you know about my progress as I begin to train for my second and third half-marathons. I hope you'll continue to share your experiences too. Thanks for the inspiration!


  1. So awesome!!! Not only is that excellent motivation but also a sure fire way to PR. I'm totally excited for you!

  2. Fantastic! I never would've thought that doing these races would be addicting but it so is. Just as I finish one I sign up for another one. I did a tally and I participated in 12 races this year. Like whoa!

    It sounds to me that you are planning to succeed in your next half & I will be rooting you on.

  3. What an awesome thing to win! I would love to have access to a coach. I can not wait to follow your progress, because I am sure it is going to be epic!

  4. Having a dedicated plan is awesome! And having someone make one for you is even better!! I think it's easier to stick with a plan when you know someone else has put in the work and effort to make it specific for you.

  5. This is AWESOME news!! CONGRATS!!! I'm semi envious of you =P I can't wait to see your plan and follow your story more!! :)