Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inspiration bred from perspiration

In the days leading up to my half-marathon I realized that I was not the only one growing increasingly excited. The taper madness must have been contagious because my father wanted to know everything that was going through my head that week. I could tell that a part of him was recalling his own experience, more than thirty years ago, as he prepared for his first-ever distance race: the New York City Marathon. Two days before my race he excitedly told me how he'd gone outside for a walk and he ended up actually running for the first time in many years. He mentioned where he had run and wanted to know how far I thought he'd gone (~3.1 miles) and how long it had taken him (33 minutes). "Dad, that's faster than my 5K time. What the hell?" I joked. He smiled and replied, "Good, then we can run together."

The day after my half he asked if I felt any soreness. When I told him that I felt surprisingly good, he gave me a sheepish grin and confessed that he was still sore from his run. I scolded him for running in cross-trainers and sent him off to get proper running shoes. He returned with the shoes and an exasperated look, exclaiming "They wanted $20 for a pair of gloves! I'd rather wear socks on my hands." Seriously, the man is cracking me up. It has been so amazing to see this little spark renewed within him and to think that maybe I inspired it. I can't wait to see what else the running bug does to him. Who knows, perhaps we'll get to run a race together after all.


  1. This is AWESOME!!! My dad is an ex-runner and I would LOVE for him to get the bug and run a 5K with me :) I am super happy twitter let me find you! Super inspirational!! Looking forward to our Tough Mudder haha :)

  2. So awesome! Maybe one day you'll run the NYC marathon together.