Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pushing the Limits

This week we were hit with a snowpocalypse that paralyzed the entire city for several days. Sadly this meant that my mid-week session of bootcamp was canceled. When we reconvened on Friday it was one of the most difficult workouts I remember!

I literally had sweat pouring off my face and at one point toward the end of round two I paused to rest for a few seconds. Coach asked if I was ok and through gritted teeth I replied, "I'm not done yet." She nodded and said that our class is the one that works the hardest and complains the least. You bet your ass I finished and finished strong. One of my proudest moments.

As if that wasn't difficult enough, I returned the next morning for a snow-day makeup session of bootcamp where coach proceeded to kill us yet again. I attempted my first box jumps, which I know I can do physically but need to figure out in my head. Jumping on a box is not scary, why does it seem that way? I want to find something I can practice on at home.

We did kettle bell swings, which I love, and I made a conscious decision to choose a kettle bell 5 pounds heavier than I had previously been using. It felt great but a couple of minutes into the workout coach came over and said "I want you to use this (even) heavier kettlebell." Oh, ok sure. That's one of the things I like about bootcamp - I am willing to push myself hard but there is awalys a point where I hesitate to push more. Coach didn't ask me to do anything I couldn't handle and I'm grateful to have that nudge toward progress.

One of my favorite parts of yesterday's workout was using the speed rope. I haven't jumped rope much at all since I was a kid and this was so freaking fun. I learned that I can jump rope continuously while hopping on one foot, which I guess is one of those things you don't think you can do until you actually do it. Then we were introduced to double unders, which is when you spin the rope under your feet twice in one jump. After four or five tries, I did it. What?! I couldn't get the rhythm down to string them together continuously (yet) but there I was doing double unders one at a time. Who knew?

This is the kind of stuff that makes me feel alive. I was never an athlete growing up. I played softball for many years but wasn't particularly serious about it and I hated running and pretty much all physical activity. I remember when I first signed up for DailyMile and it labeled me as an athlete and I scoffed because that was the furthest thing from the truth. I've been overweight my entire life but somehow along the way I have found, as my friend Dre put it, a warrior within. I am love-drunk on the feeling of doing things I never thought I could do and now I want to try even more new things just to see if I can do those too.

My point in all this humblebragging is that life truly does begin at the edge of your comfort zone. If I had never signed up for this bootcamp, or my first half-marathon, or yoga classes, I'd never have known that I could accomplish any of it. Am I the best at any of those respective activities? Definitely not. Does it matter? Nope.

Have you tried any new workouts or sports that have changed the way you view yourself? I want to hear about it!!


  1. Proud of you friend! and I love your new page... so fancy :)

  2. Thanks friend! And thank you for noticing my facelift lol. I much prefer this to the tutu ;)

  3. Just discovered your blog and I can relate to your comments of the "warrior within". I started kickboxing a couple months ago and your words really here express how alive I feel from this and becoming a runner, which still feels funny saying.