Monday, April 7, 2014

The Power of Progress

Tonight was an eye-opener. We did kettle bell swings in bootcamp and I convinced myself to use a 40 lb kettle bell. The guy across from me was using the same size and making it look easy. Meanwhile I was making all sorts of crazy faces in his direction as I swung that thing, and yet I did it... 120+ times. I may have even grunted once or twice (OK, I definitely grunted). After that fun we "took a break" aka we ran 400m and I was the second one to finish. The guy that came in behind me playfully punched my arm and said "nice job, speedy." It's not every day that someone calls me speedy. That may have been the first time ever.

My new hobby is buying obnoxious gym shirts.
Later in the class, when we were stretching, the woman beside me asked if my clothes were fitting differently because she could tell my body was changing. Another girl chimed in and confided she'd admired my form during Friday's push-up-heavy WOD. Having spent so much of my life trying to be invisible, it felt different to be noticed (a little weird, honestly). As I sat there with my legs outstretched, gripping my feet, I marveled at the fact that four months ago I could barely touch my toes.

I don't tell you these things to brag, though I am proud of my accomplishments. I share these things because sometimes I need to type or say them aloud to see their truth. For a very long time I was afraid to step outside of what was comfortable. I did not have a network of supportive people surrounding me. Then one day I found the courage within myself to change it all. You might expect me to say that I haven't looked back but that would be untrue; I look back constantly because it's the way I measure how far I've come.

After class tonight, I had a conversation with one of my bootcamp buddies about the progress we have made in such a short period of time. Our strength, endurance, and flexibility have all improved. We both had childlike grins on our faces as we agreed that we have gained physical and mental strength, and that our quality of life was just... better. Looking back on my own progress I feel empowered, and I'm honored to be part of a group of people who feel it too.


  1. Very cool! Love that you're enjoying your progress and inspiring people with it as well. #Warrior

  2. You're not bragging at all, you're being proud of your accomplishments! Great job!

  3. I have LOVED kettle bell class. The changes it has made to my body & my mind are amazing. It's been fantastic - and I need that shirt!