Wednesday, June 4, 2014

For the Love of Running.

It's been a while since I've written anything here, as I was so sweetly reminded last night. There are a lot of reasons for my absence but mostly, it's difficult to write about running when you're not actually doing any running. The majority of my running buddies are currently injured or on hiatus and it's been tough motivating myself to get out there alone. I've also been dealing with some mental and physical obstacles of my own.

With today being National Running Day, I knew I wanted to wake up and get some miles in before it got too hot. I set out for my old familiar 5k loop around the neighborhood, and I felt pretty comfortable from the start. I listened to music on my run for the first time in a long time, and giggled when my fist-pumping song came on during the last .25 miles. I spent some time focusing on my form, and keeping my stride short, but mostly I just enjoyed it all for what it was.
After my run, I sat and reflected for a bit on what running means to me. I realized that today's run was purely for fun... and it hit me that I couldn't remember the last time I set out on a run simply for the love of running. I've been running to beat stress, I've been running because I was training for a race, I've been running because I felt guilty for overindulging. But none of those things gave me the joy that today's simple 5k did. There was no competition or pressure, no "should" or "have to". It just was, and it was everything that I needed. For that, I am grateful.

My race shirt from the Philadelphia Half says it all.

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